Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

A close up photo of a large quantity of mold blooms growing on a wall

Water Damage Services Are Essential After Fire Damage

DID YOU KNOW... water removal services are NEEDED after fire damage? Without this, homes that sustained fire damage and then allowed to 'dry out naturally' can harbor mold colonies only a few days afterwards.This photos are extreme examples of a home after fire and water damage. These significant mold blooms were flourishing on every surface in less than 3 weeks. Tip: If you have water damage in your house and it's not fixed and dried out, mold spores will be the next issue to deal with.

Dirty air ducts can circulate mold

Dirty ducts can circulate odors and contaminants like mold and irritating dust throughout your home. SERVPRO of Western Dutchess County uses a proven Portable Ventilation and Duct Cleaning System to examine duct work and make a clean sweep, removing years of dust and grime.

Abandoned home in Wappingers needs full mold remediation

A Realtor was in for a surprise when starting the selling process and discovered what was lurking inside. Needless to say, once SERVPRO of Western Dutchess handled the mold remediation and rebuild of several areas in the home, it showed beautifully and sold quickly!

Mold found in crawl space in Poughkeepsie home

Excessive dampness encourages growth of mold.

Mold Damage in Beacon, NY

After this homeowner returned from her winter in sunny Florida, she walked in to a home filled with mold due to a pipe break that occurred during the brutal winter we had. SERVPRO of Western Dutchess County was able to remediate the mold, sort through salvageable vs. non-salvageable items & perform reconstruction services to return this woman's home back to preloss condition! 

Mold Remediation on Campus

The following mold remediation happened on a college campus in the Hudson Valley during a summer break. After maintenance saw the issue, SERVPRO of Western Dutchess County came on-site and walked them through the remediation process. The remediation process took 2 days and it was ready for reconstruction! 

Mold Remediation in a Government Building

This library, in a government building in the Hudson Valley, had containment set up so that mold spores would not spread to the books. An airscrubber was also placed in the room as an additional proactive step in keeping the room "clean" while the other rooms were properly remediated.

Mold Remediation in Poughkeepsie, NY!

Mold remediation required containment in this Dutchess County home.

After a cold winter, these snow birds made their way back to their home and found that they had mold on their second floor. SERVPRO of Western Dutchess County set up containment at the bottom of this stairwell in order to cut off the contaminated space from the non-contaminated area. Since the first floor seemed safe, the home owners decided to stay in a spare room while SERVPRO continued to work in the upstairs space to remediate the mold.