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Fire extinguisher dust can not be cleaned by yourself!

The amazingly tiny particles that make up fire extinguisher dust will get into every nook and cranny possible and needs specialist cleaning and equipment. If yo... READ MORE

Small fires lead to big problems!

Thankfully, this small electrical fire in the ceiling of the bedroom below was extinguished quickly, but caused plenty of soot and extinguisher dust to collect ... READ MORE

Trusted appliances can wreak havoc on your home!

When your water softener has decided to call it quits and floods your basement, you call in the Water Damage experts at SERVPRO to mitigate the problem. Never u... READ MORE

A small fire still causes a lot of damage

An electrical problem inside the wall of the foyer in this home caused fire and smoke damage that affected 2 floors of the home. Our crews arrived immediately t... READ MORE

Dirty air ducts and HVAC systems can circulate unwelcome contaminants in your home!

Your HVAC system and clothes dryer vents collect all sorts of contaminants like pollen, pathogens, debris, dust, fur, critters, mold spores and other nasties. R... READ MORE

Where there's water, there is mold

This homeowner thought their roof leak had been repaired, but water kept getting in behind the wall and spread throughout most of the kitchen. The roof was repa... READ MORE

Poughkeepsie home suffers sewage damage on multiple floors

An overflowing toilet on the main level of this home in Poughkeepsie ended up flowing not only out into the kitchen but also down into a basement used for stora... READ MORE

Is you business overdue for a duct cleaning?

In the normal day in and day out of business procedures, thinking about clean air ducts isn't at the top of the list. Perhaps you're noticing a musty smell or t... READ MORE

Fishkill home deals with unknown sewage leak

While a homeowner was away on vacation and a family member checked on the home, he noticed an odor coming from the basement area and found that a sewage line ha... READ MORE

The importance of having your dryer vents cleaned in your Western Dutchess County home!

You might be noticing that your dryer doesn't seem to be working as well as it used to be. Or perhaps you're noticing that a family of birds has taken up reside... READ MORE